ProKNX, a Small Company Shaking the World with Big Ideas

We all know about voice assistants. They seem to be everywhere these days. On our phones, or in our homes, they answer random questions we have, they play songs for us, and they operate our smart-home products so that we don’t have to. A few big companies dominate the market for selling smart-home assistants. They all have one thing in common: none of the companies respect our privacy. The assistants record everything we say to them and send it to the cloud. There, our private data is analysed and then stored for future reference. The assistants are not really the product, but we are, or more pointedly, our information is. With the private information Amazon, Google and the like collect, they can get to know us intimately. To paraphrase the big bad wolf from the story Little Red Riding Hood, “All the better to sell you things, my dear”.

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