6 Easy Steps To Increase Visitor Count

Increase Visitor Count

Writing a blog is step one of content marketing. But now that you have a fully written and proofread article, how do you increase your visitor count? So many times, people focus more on the ‘content’ part of ‘content marketing’ that they overlook the next best thing about it – Marketing. 

Marketing is the backbone of any produced content, be it written, visual or oral. Think YouTube suggesting what is trending every week and Spotify nudging you towards what artist is churning out the most hits. 

Is there a perfect formula to promote content? Maybe. Following these steps is guaranteed to increase visitor count to your latest blog post. 

1. The PERFECT Headline

creating the PERFECT headline

Headlines are how people judge whether to read a blog post or not. A concise, witty, and snappy headline will translate into more eyeballs almost instantaneously. No matter how well-written, researched, and presented your article is, it won’t matter if the headline doesn’t convey that. 

Even if you have older posts, a tweaked headline will reflect a jump in numbers. Although, try not to change the URL once the article is published. 

A simple way of determining what your headline should be is to study the SEO around the post. Try to find relative keywords about the article and take it from there. 

2. Optimizing Your Indexing

Internal links seem like they are hard and complicated to make, but they’re not. And they are effective. Very effective. 

Updating links for your newer blog posts in your older articles helps with indexing for search engines. Try including multiple examples of the same link on your homepage, sidebar, and blog posts. 

Try to update older posts according to relevant articles as much as you can. This might seem a minor thing to do, but it will soon add up!

3. Generating Interest

Now that you have a blog and are thinking about marketing it, social media is the next logical step, right? But how do you stand out from the millions and millions of cat memes, self-help articles, and recipes? 

People are bombarded with new information every second on the internet. So to make your content stand out, you have to go beyond expectations. The content you have should pique the audience’s interest. They should look at it and think that they will miss out on something that other people already know and are talking about. If you evoke this basic instinct of curiosity, people are more likely to click on your article.

4. Reach Out To People

Learn to reach out to people
Reach Out to People

It’s an industry practice to link other articles and posts in your blog. It helps with credibility when you cite sources and be open about where you get your information from, especially when you’re using hard facts and statistics. Don’t be afraid to even link your competitors’ blog if you must!

But the catch is to not stop there. We suggest reaching out to those blogs and sending over a link to your article. Mention which article you included and don’t forget to thank them. If you get lucky (or ask nicely) they might just re-share your link on their social media!

Keep in mind that not all blogs have an email to reach out to, in those scenarios, the ‘contact us’ form works just as well.

5. Email Never Fails

If you aren’t already doing it, start collecting email addresses from people visiting your blog. Services like ‘Hello Bar’ will help you create splash pages or pop-ups so that readers could easily input their information. Once you have that, these services will integrate into your existing email provider seamlessly and every time you have a new article up, send out an email blast to all your readers. 

While doing that keep these things in mind – 

Update your list frequently. Keep track of how many people are actively clicking on your links. If you notice someone hasn’t responded in two or three months, take them off your list. This helps keep the list ‘fresh’. 

Keep it simple. Do not over-clutter your email blasts with videos, texts, and images. Try to keep the visual information to a minimum. The point of these blasts is to make people click on the link in the email and open up your website. 

Pique interest. Try not to reveal details about the article in your email. Instead, generate enough curiosity that leaves the readers no other choice but to click on that link.

As you write more and grow, these databases of contacts will also grow, which will lead to more traffic. 

6. Reminders

Push notifications to increase visitor count

Push notifications are the most underrated tools in the content marketing arsenal. In simple words, push notifications start with a small pop-up when you first visit a website. They appear on the top of the screen, near the URL bar. 

There are a lot of providers online (e.g., Subscribers) that will help you manage this. And they are free! 

When you are ready to publish a new blog, go to the subscriber’s hub and create a notification from there. You can enter the title and a short description of the post and once you send it, it will appear as a notification to everyone that has clicked on ‘Allow Notifications’ when they first visited your website. 

It is instantaneous and works even if people aren’t on your website. It’s simple psychology that people can’t ignore a notification and are compelled to click on it which will link back to your website!

Even if someone is not using a web browser, the notification waits till they are online the next time.


Promoting your article or blog or writing shouldn’t necessarily be complicated. You don’t need a college degree to promote your content. These tips are simple and basic. More importantly, they work. They have been working for years!

There is an endless number of ways you can promote your content, the ones mentioned in this list are curated to provide the most output with the least input. So, win-win.