10 Ways You Can Earn Digital Passive Income Through Your Website 

digital passive income

Blogging makes money, but do you know precisely how it rakes in dollars? It requires time, money, and effort to monetize a website, but the money will follow when you successfully establish a following and build traffic. If you’re into real estate investments, you might want to add digital assets like blogs to your portfolio. You can earn digital passive income from blogging without having to do the work yourself if you partner up with digital marketing teams like us here at LadsMedia.  

Here are ten ways a blog can earn passive income from blogging:

1. Place Ads on Your Website 

Blogs don’t automatically get ads. They have to register to an ad network first, which will place targeted ads on the sites. 

Among the top ad networks are Google Adsense, Amazon for Publishers, and Taboola. Each ad network has different rules for bloggers to follow to monetize their website correctly. 

Bloggers earn from ads either per impression or per click. Ads paid per impression are counted based on how many times website users have seen them. It doesn’t matter whether they click on the ad or not. On the other hand, the ads paid per click earn money every time a user clicks on them. 

If you sign up with an ad network, they will teach you how to place the ads on websites. The most common locations include the header, sidebar, in the body of the post after a few paragraphs, over images, and footer. 

The ad network usually pays the blogger per month, but some brands would directly negotiate their ads’ rate with the blogger.

But the work on monetizing your blog does not end with placing ads on the website itself. Bloggers have to build traffic first and earn thousands of views to earn more digital passive income. Waiting until you get a certain number of website visits first before placing ads would be more effective. 

Even if you try to apply to an ad network like Adsense, they might reject you if they deem your website underdeveloped. Build traffic first if you want to start making digital passive income soon. 

It would help if you could produce engaging, informative, and relatable content that your visitors want to read. Once you have a few articles up, promote them and put them in front of the right target market. 

2. Put Affiliate Links to Make Digital Passive Income

digital passive income from blogging

Affiliate marketing requires partnering with a company and promoting its products and services on your blog. You’d have to include one of the company’s website URLs in your blog content. Every time a visitor clicks on that link to buy the product, you will earn a commission. 

Commissions are usually given as a fixed amount or percentage of a sale through the link posted on your blog. They might be anywhere from 30% to as much as 70%. If you have a 50% agreement to promote a product worth $100, you will get $50 for every item bought through your affiliate link. 

If you want to engage in affiliate marketing, you can start looking for a company with a product you like. Visit the company’s website and check out their affiliate program page. The terms may vary from one company to the next. 

If you still can’t find a link to the company’s affiliate program, try other ways to contact them. It could be through their contact form on the site, email address, or social media platform. 

3. Collect Membership Fees or Subscriptions 

One of the ways you can get digital passive income from blogging is by selling memberships to specific users. You can charge users who want access to exclusive content from you. A cooking blog, for instance, can offer exclusive recipes, forums, and an online community to paying members. On the other hand, a business-focused blog can charge for content with personalized business advice. 

For starters, prepare some teasers. Pique your website visitors’ interest by giving them a glimpse of your exclusive offer. If they want to see more, ask them to pay a subscription or membership fee. 

4. Sell Digital Goods 

Many blogs double as online shops where blog owners can make digital passive income from digital goods. These usually include online courses, eBooks, tutorials, photos, web elements, apps, research and data, software programs, podcasts, recipes, templates, coaching packages, and patterns. 

If you eventually want to focus on selling digital products, work on building your email list first. It is one of the effective ways to reach out to an interested audience and pitch your goods. 

5. Run Sponsored Content

Sponsored content may include articles, social media posts, photos and videos, live videos, styling and staging, and emails. They look like any other content, but they focus on a specific product from a paying brand. Many companies reach out to famous bloggers with an established audience and network to influence their target market. Establish your followers first before you consider working with brands. 

6. Help Other Businesses Gain Leads 

Try to look for companies in need of the information you gather from your website. If you have a cooking blog, you’ll likely have people interested in anything that has to do with the kitchen. They will be good leads for businesses selling kitchen appliances and other goods. Use your blog to boost other companies’ leads and your digital passive income.

It can be quite challenging to generate leads for other businesses willing to enter a commercial arrangement with you. Aside from searching for businesses that need the leads you can get from your blog, you also need to optimize your site.

Website optimization for lead generation involves developing a user-friendly site that is easy to navigate and has a clear call-to-action button. You should be able to encourage your visitors to click on the CTA button. Make your CTA clear enough that your visitors will understand what happens next every time they click it.

Your partner businesses will likely assess each “lead” they manage to get through your blog. 

7. Flip Websites to Earn Digital Passive Income

Did you know you can also flip websites like you flip houses? You can, but only if you’ve developed a following for your blog or success in selling ads. Some businesses are interested in ad-generating blogs. Look for top website marketplaces too to help in your website flipping idea. 

8. Offer Consulting Services 

Have you successfully established your blog? You can use it as your ultimate showcase to your clients how effectively you are in raking in digital passive income. Offer your blogging expertise to other aspiring bloggers. 

You can establish your reputation as a good consultant if you know your target audience’s needs, wants, and pain points. Ask yourself how your blog can help them or what you can do together to resolve a problem.  

A consulting job may also include other services, such as public speaking, online courses, conference guesting, and webinars.

9. Accepting Donations 

Once you’ve built an engaged following for your blog, you can add a donation button on your website. If your captive audience likes your content, they might be willing to show their appreciation via a donation. Many podcast sites are doing this, counting on their loyal listeners to keep their shows afloat. 

A good example would be Wikipedia. This open-source, non-profit website accepts donations to sustain its operation and keep it free for everyone to use. If you appreciate the help they provide to users like you, you can donate to the site. 

You can leave donation buttons on your website from major payment gateways, such as PayPal. Every time visitors click on the button, they will be redirected to Paypal’s site. They will be required to provide their PayPal information and donation details. 

10. Open an eCommerce Website to Boost Digital Passive Income

digital passive income from ecommerce

Aside from hosting your content, you can use your blog to start an eCommerce website. If you are not as techie as other website owners, you can develop an online store with pre-designed templates using eCommerce website builders. You only need to choose a template, upload your content, post your products, and embed the necessary plugins.

The typical features your new eCommerce website will need include website analytics, subscription forms, and other extras. If you want to customize your website and make it suitable for your online store, you might want to use WordPress. Did you know that 409 million people visit WordPress sites every month? However, you’re going to need coding abilities or a budget for a web developer. 

If you want to explore the opportunities to earn digital passive income from blogging, but you can’t provide for its technical demands, LADS Media can help. We provide WordPress development, digital marketing, and content writing, everything your blog will need if you want to monetize it. You can invest in a blog but leave all the technical tasks to us. 

 Let us help you build a good blog that can become your source of digital passive income. Become our partner with you as an investor and LADS Media as your website developer, content provider, and digital marketer. Contact LADS Media today or visit our website, so we’ll know what you want for your website!